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Artigra Tables are available in a range of Textures and Colors, Sizes and Stand Designs.

Typical configurations are 2, 4 and 6 seater, and shapes include round, square and rectangular.

The tabletop construction consists of a marine grade plywood backing, Artigra Countertop and edge lipping to finish off the sides.

See the Table Gallery.

Artigra Tabletops are highly recommended for surfaces that come in contact with food, since it is non-porous, hygienic and made of food safe materials and colors.

It has good scratch resistance and the highest flammability grade of V-0 based on UL94 Testing. See the Benefits.

It is definitely the product of choice in restaurants, cafe's and food courts.

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Artigra Tabletops can have a Corporate Logo or Brand as an Inlay.

It is done at the factory, using a special process.  The inlay works its way deep into the substrate and is permanent.  It just cannot be removed.

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