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  Artigra Color Palette  

 Black, White, Cream, Grey

63010-C Midnight Black 69110-C Jet Black 62030-C Hybrid Black 67830-C Translucent Black 62010-C Washington White 61030-C Arctic White
61630-C Paris White 60830-C Rapids White 66830-C Translucent White 63030-C Swiss Cream 62631-C Elephant Ivory 69731-C Garlic Ivory
65631-C Scampi Shell 63131-C Lava Spring 62231-C Aberdeen Grey 61231-C Glasgow Grey 67046-C Dallas Grey 68130-C Newcastle Grey
65430-C London Grey 64010-C Dolphin Grey 69130-C Boston Grey 64020-C Whale Grey 60730-C Vermont Grey  

 Violet, Blue, Green

 68110-C Royal Violet 65830-C Translucent Violet 66110-C Hawaii Blue 69010-C Tahoe Blue 63830-C Translucent Blue 69631-C Barney Purple
65230-C Military Blue 66230-C Ganges Blue 63230-C Caribbean Blue 67330-C Atlantic Blue 64230-C Paradise Blue 61730-C Albino Blue
65730-C Twilight Blue 67110-C Amazon Green 60931-C Translucent Leaf Green 64830-C Translucent Green 65330-C Montana Green 63136-C Forest Green
60146-C Spinach Green   60330-C Malabar Green   63046-C Melon Green   62731-C Pista Green   63731-C Albino Green    

 Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown

65046-C Lemon Yellow 69831-C Translucent Lemon Yellow 68136-C Sacramento Yellow 69046-C Houston Yellow 63311-C Madrid Yellow 65156-C Sunflower Yellow
61111-C Squash Yellow 61831-C Translucent Golden Yellow 66046-C Golden Yellow 60111-C Mustard Yellow 65310-C Pumpkin Yellow 65010-C Sahara Yellow
63146-C California Orange 68046-C Brentwood Orange 67021-C Papaya Orange 64046-C Florida Orange 68931-C Translucent Orange 64146-C Bangalore Orange
62146-C Arizona Red 61311-C Sonoma Red 60411-C Cherry Red 65120-C Rose Red 62130-C Chilli Red 62831-C Translucent Red
64111-C Albany Red 66311-C Napa Maroon 66731-C Zinfandel Red 64431-C Pinot Red 64731-C Cabernet Red 65130-C Mars Red
63431-C Purple Red 68631-C Flamingo Pink 67731-C Tree Wood 69330-C Delhi Brown 68330-C Vegas Brown 68831-C Translucent Brown
61136-C Roman Brown 60430-C Truffle Brown        

 Translucent Colors

67830-C Translucent Black 66830-C Translucent White 65830-C Translucent Violet 63830-C Translucent Blue 60931-C Translucent Leaf Green 64830-C Translucent Green
69831-C Translucent Lemon Yellow 61831-C Translucent Golden Yellow 68931-C Translucent Orange 62831-C Translucent Red    
Artigra products are manufactured using compliance range colors. These colors are compliant with European Union regulations REACH and RoHS and US regulations by OSHA and EPA. The colors are free from Heavy Metals, banned Azo and Arylamine compounds, banned Phthalates, PCB’s, Chlorinated Benzenes and Toluenes, Pesticides and banned Flame Retardants.  With these specialized range of colors you and your family are safe and at par with the safety standards in the European Union and US.
Disclaimer - The colors shown here are intended to serve as a guide only.  They have been rendered from the measured L-a-b values of the pigments.  Please try out a sample prior to bulk purchases.
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